Behavior Management

I am trying out a slightly different chart system where there is room for improvement and positive reinforcement.  

Also, I want to recognize students who have go above and beyond, doing a “good,” “great” or “outstanding” job during the school day by asking any student to move his/her pin in an upward direction. In order to move “up,” you are first taking care of your “business” (work/expectations). Secondly, you are modeling great behavior and/or being an exemplar citizen to all, not just friends.

Students can move "up or down" depending on their choices. If student's pin was lowered, but showed tremendous improvement throughout the day, then I might the student to adjust his/her pin in the upwards direction. 


  •  All pin changes will be noted by the behavior manager on the behavior chart.

  • The first occurrence/strike, the student will be given a warning.

  • The second occurrence/strike will result in possibly losing a recess and thinking about the behavior with a reflection form that will require a parent signature

  • Doing so helps the student (and teacher) know the reason why a poor choice was made and hopefully will change his/her status. Otherwise no one can learn from from their mistakes! (It also provides record-keeping for me.)

Word to the wise:

  •   If you don’t know the reason, ASK!

  •   If you believe the teacher has made a mistake, write a note or request a meeting.

  •   Do not interrupt class to argue.

  •   Failure to write the date, name, and the reason will result in extra consequences.

  •   Larger misbehaviors like cheating, teasing, and fighting result in larger consequences like Misconduct Notices (write-ups) and conferences with me, the principal, and/or your parents.