Homework Policy

Homework Policy


The fifth  grade homework plan is aligned with the latest revision of the Fremont Unified District Policy 6154 (4/10). A summary of that policy can be found on the Weibel School website. Homework for Room 2 will follow these guidelines:

· Teachers can give students an Homework Assignment sheet, or parents can choose to buy a Daily Planner to keep track of all assignments on a daily basis. 

· Students are responsible for accurately writing down assignments and bringing home the required materials and textbooks. Parents are asked to review the homework assignments each night and sign the Assignment Book/Planner, verifying that they have seen the homework and that their child has completed the homework to the best of their ability.

· Teachers design homework to be reasonable in expectation, appropriate to the developmental needs of each student, and relevant to classroom instruction.

· Teachers will assign homework on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights. Homework will not be assigned over weekends, during breaks or vacations, and will be modified during SBAC testing, and/or on special nights, such as Back-to-School and Open House.

· Homework is calculated to take approximately 0-50 minutes per night for subject-matter assignments, plus 30 minutes of additional, outside reading for enjoyment and practice.

· Teachers will assign long-term projects with time for students to plan and complete the assignment.

· Homework will be reviewed and/or corrected, with feedback given in a timely manner.  Much of the homework is corrected in class and students are asked to keep their work.  Depending on circumstance, I may collect the homework and decide to offer credit for the homework.  

· Students with excused absences will be allowed the same number of days as absences to complete homework.

· Homework will be reflected under Study Skills on the report card and will be factored into core subject grades. Since homework offers needed practice on key skills, the effort given to homework is most often reflected in the outcome of weekly testing.