Mrs. Lee's Room 2 Homework Information

FYI: In order to have 5th grade students get ready for upper grade material and expectations, we do NOT make homework packets.  Students will need to become accustomed to writing down the homework everyday.  If you have not done so already, please consider getting a academic planner for your child.  It helps your child get organized and keep track of his/her assignments.
Long term assignments will also be noted on this page.

Per FUSD Board Policy 6154, homework will be reasonable, appropriate, and relevant to each student’s grade level curriculum. For fifth to sixth grade levels, homework may be 45-60 minutes per evening, or 180 - 240 minutes per week.
If your child is taking longer than 75 minutes to complete his/her homework, please make sure to help minimize factors (such as TV, other noises/distractions, plenty of lighting, time of day) that could be contributing to homework not being completed in a reasonable amount of time.  Please let me know if you have made adjustments and homework is still taking a considerable amount of time, I will adjust/modify his/her homework assignment if your child is having difficulty.

Reminder: Independent Reading is 30 minutes per night in addition to the stated minutes mentioned above
TBD/TBA = to be determined/announced
Text = Textbook

I will NOT assign homework on Friday that is to be due on Monday. Your child may be given a homework assignment on Thursday, with a due date of Monday. This is to provide your child the flexibility that if they want more time to work on an assignment, they have more time.


What a typical set of HW assignments might look like.

Reading - Currently I have only been assigning independent reading. but this may include answering comprehension questions in the future.

Language -  vary between practicing grammar/finishing up a graphic organizer or essay writing that we have started in class

Spelling - These assignments usually come in form of packet with different word study activities, culminating with a pretest by you or another adult/caregiver or you having consent to your child using Spelling City. (Please refer to your child's packet.)

Math - Most assignments will come from the H&R (Homework and Remembering) book, but occasionally you will see that I might give your child worksheet to do.

Science - Because we are transitioning from our (old) California State Standards for Science to NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards), we are partially using information from our Science Textbook, worksheets and Mystery Science.

Social Studies - Until we finish our states/capitals work, your child will have either states/capitals worksheets and the Studies Weekly Homework.

Miscellaneous - 
We have  LIBRARY every Tuesday.
Turning in library books is a similar idea to turning in homework because your child learns to borrow and check out books.  Also, he/she can enjoy a new idea with a book every week.  

Special projects - sometimes I might assign something for project that we are working on, but this will be rare.