Incentive Field Trip

*  This form is to be provided during BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT.  If you did not get one, please inform me/your child's teacher immediately so you will receive one.
Incentive Field Trip

5th graders will have an opportunity to earn an incentive field trip to Raging Waters at the end of the year. Eligibility for this field trip is based on homework completion and good behavior for the year.

Homework requirements: Students must have 85% of all homework assignments for the year completed on time (late, incomplete or missed for that night’s homework assignment.)

Behavior requirements: To earn this trip, students must receive fewer than 3 misconduct notices for the year. However, if a student receives 3 misconduct notices in the 1st trimester, then their misconduct count resets to 2 for the second and third trimester as an opportunity to earn back their trip. If a 3rd misconduct notice is received during these trimesters, then they forfeit the privilege to attend the trip.

I understand that if my child does not meet the requirements for the field trip, they will lose the privilege to attend, and the cost of this field trip will be reimbursed from my field trip donation. I also understand that the requirements of the field trip are a standard set by the fifth-grade team for all 5th graders and are non-negotiable.

I have reviewed and discussed the expectations for this field trip with my child, and we are aware of the consequences if expectations are not met.

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