Khan Academy

Khan Academy Information

You're at the right page if you would like your child to:

- have more practice with math problems
- practice possible types of common core math standards problems
- access to the internet and would like your child to become familiar with completing math problems on the internet
- participate in a FREE OPPORTUNITY to have your child learn.  Lessons and problems are just about endless!

Since our students are starting to take more computer based tests, I wanted make sure you were aware of the opportunity to use Khan Academy.

They have many questions that could definitely help provide similar math problems that your child may see on Smarter Balanced Tests.

Last year, I watched the several news shows regarding Khan Academy and how it
has truly helped students master different subjects. I was wondering
if you and your child would be interested in joining the Khan Academy
to get more practice for math, science and the array of other subjects
tutorials and practice problems. This opportunity is NOT required. It
is completely free and it will not affect your child's grades, other
than to enhance their learning as research as shown. This is NOT
affiliated with FUSD. Using this website works under a voluntary basis.

I will NOT be assigning work since it is strictly voluntary. Students can go on as often as they
like (or as little as they like.) I am interested in how it can help
report information back to the teacher/coach and how students outside
school can benefit.

If you are interested, please check out the website at:

It does take about 5-10 minutes of your time to register for your
child. I have provided a photo of the website that provides a tutorial
of how to register.

Directions to add the teacher as a coach:
After you have signed up, please go to your child's "Profile" and look
for the "Coach" window and choose my name as a coach: