Rewards & incentives

5th Grade Rewards and Incentives

There are various ways in Room 2 that children will be recognized and rewarded for making positive choices:

Sitting on Yoga/Suisse Ball 
or getting a seat cushion with a beautiful pillowcase (made by a former parent) for team points

Receiving Lee-Pan dollars to spend at the Student Store.

Wise old owl and Motivational Cones that deliver some money for students who are showing "wisdom" and/or have displayed citizenship above and beyond. (Kids can keep the money but will return the owl/cone at the end of the day.)

Business Day
Fosters creativity
Encourages planning, teamwork, and cooperation

End of the Year Auction (using Lee Bucks)
"One man's trash is another man's treasure."  If there is a gently used item that you/your family no longer want, our class would love to take it off your hands.  
It can go towards our Student Store or the Auction.

Group Money awarded (depending on TEAM points) for spending at Mrs. Lee's Store*.

Mrs. Lee's Store sells school supplies, candy, little toys, and other donated items that families provide.