Summer Camps and Classes

Summer Camps and Classes

Since many parents are curious about summer opportunities for recreation, academic or a combination of both, I've compiled a list of camps and classes that you might be interested in.

This is a list of summer camps for this year. There are so many to choose from, but from the top of the list, you can see that the ones at the top are more academic and less recreation. 

It can seem rather overwhelming to look at so I would recommend to:

1) make a priority list of what your child and you would like accomplished or practiced. 
2) choose the dates that are available that fit with your schedule
3) find a camp of interest and see what's available

Some considerations to make when booking your classes:

"Rome wasn't built in a day..." nor was it built in a week!  Unless your child attends the organization or business regularly, I don't usually recommend the weekly classes for academic instruction.  

My personal experience:  I've tried the Writing and Math classes with Fremont Recreation that lasted for one week only, and felt as if it teaches or reviews what they know, but cannot really fix/help your child in the long run.  Classes that last for a course of 6 weeks or more, for an hour or few hours a day is far more beneficial because it is over a concentrated period of time.  It can make scheduling more frustrating and trying to fit in travel plans..but often times camps are willing to work with you and give you the work that the child has to make up, if you are willing to enforce making up work.  One week classes for Lego or a recreation is fine. However, expecting your child to learn or understand better with a teacher that barely gets to know them for a week is not realistic.

Prioritize or make a list of things that you really want child to learn, experience, or review.  The organization and listing will help to put things in place that matter the most to you and your child.  

"The best thing you can do for your children is give them space to explore."
Try to balance out your child's day or week with some recreation.  Summertime and the sun should include some recreation.  

Here is the LIST for your perusal..there are so many more out there in Fremont...but here are some to start.


I’ve placed a star (*) near the camps my sons have participated in and had a good experience so far.


Writing Camps

Millcreek Academy* - Writing Classes (expensive but beneficial over time)

Beyond Academics!summer/c3ai




Classic Math School

Math Enrichment Summer Camp @ Mission San Jose

Some academic/recreational camps

Ohlone for kids

Genius Kids

Learning Bee

Sylvan Learning Center

Fremont Recreation Camps* (has an assortment of camps that are recreational or academic - Sports, Academic, Chess, Lego, Theatre, Swimming, etc.)

(My kids have tried some of the academic programs from Communication Academy and Lekha Publishing. They were average in terms of me seeing growth in my child's learning. Enrolling a child in a week-long course has its limitations. I would prefer to try a class that runs 2-3 months so I can see growth over time.)

Lego Camps and Robotics

Engineering for kids*



Play-Well Teknologies*