Homework Assignments


Homework is assigned each Friday.    It is due the following Friday.

       * This is in addition to taking notes from a short video posted on this website (Video Notes

           tab) a couple of days a week.

I understand that many students are involved in after school activities, and life can get busy at home.  However, I also know how important it is for students to practice math frequently.  This way, students have the opportunity to complete their weekly homework at their own pace.


Homework is passed out on Friday.  I will provide one copy.  It will be available below each week for you to download and print, should your student lose the paper.  HW is based on material that has been covered in class already.  This is skills review, not brand new material. Should students have problems with HW, they can sign up for a morning tutoring slot to ask those questions prior to the HW being due. 


If homework is not turned in on the due date, it will be marked with a zero in the gradebook until it is turned in.  You will be able to download the assignment from this page, and have your child complete it for Monday.  This will minimize the number of late points deducted.  Late points will be deducted (-10 points per school day).  

6th Grade Mathematics References (for use with all Homework):  
STAAR Reference Sheet


PARENT Homework Helper

MISD Homework Helper


ALL Homework questions MUST show ALL WORK, or the paper is not accepted, and at that point, counted late. (Because the student is getting extra time others did not to complete a paper . . standard late paper policy)


Homework Assignments: (5th Grading Period)


Homework  (DUE Friday, March 1):   



WIN-Time Work  (Assigned on 2/19, DUE Thursday,2/28):   



Homework  (DUE Friday, March 8):