Information:  Mary Lillard Intermediate



           Mary Lillard Intermediate School

                 1301 N. Day Miar Rd.   Mansfield, Texas 76063

                Tel:   (817) 276-6260       Fax: (817) 548-2285



School Lunches:  Find a listing of the daily lunch and breakfast choices each week by clicking below:



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Behavior Code of Conduct & Discipline System: Mary Lillard's school-wide discipline system is followed diligently for every student.  Students are held accountable for their own behavior and are given at least one verbal warning before a consequence is given.  Teachers having difficulties will notify you (normally via email) regarding your child's behavior when a consequence is given.  The discipline heirarchy lasts the entire grading period, and builds on itself with each consequence.  Your support at home is greatly appreciated and helpful in allowing students to adjust to new behavior expectations in and out of class. The Behavior Expectations your child wll be held to each and everyday at school can be reviewed in the following links:     

MLIS Behavior Code

MLIS Hallway Expectations