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"Success is not final,  failure is not fatal:
it is the courage to continue that counts."
-Winston Churchill


Welcome to Mary Lillard and Team LSU.  This website will be used for all things MATH related.  You might want to bookmark this page now, as it will be your "bible" for this class.  

This site will contain many important things through the year: 

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Benefits Of Guided Math

What are the Benefits of Guided Math Groups?
Benefits for Students  Benefits for Teachers:
Students receive targeted, standards-based, rigorous instruction Teachers get an opportunity to tailor instruction to the individual needs of their students
Students, after adjustment time, will develop as confident, proficient, flexible mathematicians in a supportive, scaffolded environment Teachers get an opportunity to focus in on specific content, strategies and skill sets with small groups
Students have the opportunity to develop and use math strategies that allow them to become comfortable with different types of problems Teachers get to talk with individual students about math and hear their mathematical thinking
Students engage in comprehensible output (engaging in meaning-making conversations with students at their level- students need to engage in all types of conversations – some where they are hearing things where they have to reach to understand but also some conversations where they are right at their level) Teachers get to observe students as they do the math 
Students receive comprehensible input (in other words-the get to hear math that the understand at their developmental level)  Students must adjust to new ways of learning and the responsibility involved, but teachers benefit from the flexibility of being able to double back to review and expose students to the content in many different ways.

Students experience ongoing successful moments that contribute to their confidence levels for encountering new problems….(they build a repertoire of strategies for dealing with numbers)

Students also gain confidence through learning with others at their age level.  Brainstorming and digging deeper with content together, not out on their own.

Adapted from: Fountas & Pinnell (1996) 


Announcement - August 2018

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