Language Arts Links

The web sites listed below will help all of my students complete the assignments for Language Arts. 

You will probably find that some of them will help you in your other classes, too!

To go to a web site, simply double-click on the link. 


ONLINE DICTIONARIES: is a “no-frills” online dictionary and thesaurus that is easy to use.

Merriam-Webster Online is a free dictionary and thesaurus.  Also check out the “Word of the Day,” “Word for the Wise,” and the word games.



Once you set up your free account, you can type up your flashcards and save them online.  Making flashcards is a great way to study vocabulary, Notorious Confusables, and grammar rules.  You can use this tool to help you study for tests in your other classes, too.

This is a helpful list of tips for writing research papers.

This online guide will show you how to cite sources in a research paper and create a bibliography.

Click on NoodleBib after you open this web site.  NoodleBib Express will help you to format each type of entry in your bibliography. Then you can simply copy and paste the formatted entry into your bibliography page!

When you play Rooting Out Words, you have to find the meanings of new words based on common word roots.

Scholastic’s It’s Greek to Me tests your knowledge of Greek roots and prefixes.

Scholastic’s “Get to the Root” (Offline) Activities will definitely help increase your knowledge of vocabulary!




Every type of graphic organizer can be found on this web site to help you plan your ideas before you start writing.  They are PDF files that need to be opened with Adobe Acrobat or Reader and printed.

The graphic organizers on this web site are interactive, so you can type your ideas online and then print your completed map.  You cannot save your work, so be careful to not close your browser before you finish! My favorite graphic organizer on this web site is the persuasion map for persuasive essays.




Playing these games is sure to help you come a better speller (and they are fun, too).




This is a Quia noun review game.

These games review singular and plural nouns.

Noun Dunk gives an awesome and fun review of common and proper nouns!

Find nouns and verbs in sentences when you play Grammar Ninja!

This game will help you find nouns and verbs in sentences, too.

Can you identify the verbs in these sentences?

This exercise will help you review verb tenses.




After the game loads, click on grade 6, 7, or 8 and pick your proofreading challenge!




YALSA (the Young Adult Library Services Association) compiled these lists of best books for young adults.

This list of new classics was compiled by the Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Education World lists books by grade.  Ignore that it says it’s a summer reading list – these books can be read all year long!

If you’re a baseball fan, then you’ll love this list of books!

Travel to another time and place.  Explore this list of fictional novels about history (historical fiction).

It’s fun to get into a good mystery, so take a look at the books on this list.

You will learn about interesting people from other cultures if you check out and read one of the books on this list.

This is a great web site to find science fiction and fantasy books.