Mr. Newman Sociology Class


Introduction to SociologySpring 2014                                                                             Contact information:                

Soc 201-10 Thursday - Rm 208                                                                                            Instructor:  Chuck Newman
Time: 6:00 - 9:15                                                                                                             Office Number:269.565.2094
Very Important:  All class members need to set up a Google Accounts
Syllabus Intro to Sociology 201 Spring 2014
Assignment Sheet
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Significant Content:
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Links to web sites
  • General information to assist you in your class.  
  • Assignment clarafications
  • Explanation of class procedures

 Philosophy: To allow the student to experience real-life, relevant, project based 21st century education.  How?

Through Project Based develop your 21st Century Skills

  • In-Depth Inquiry
  • Driving Questions
  • Need to know
  • Voice and Choice
  • Revision and Reflection
  • Public Audinece


Rigorous meaningful and effective Project Based Learning:

  • Is intented to teach significant content.  Goals for student learning is understanding of key contents and concepts.
  • Requires critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and various forms of communication.  Instead of strictly memorizing information, students will have the opportunity to develop their higher-order thinking skills and to work as a team...these skills, are known to develop your 21st century skills. 
  • Requires inquiry as part of the process of learning and creating something new.  Students by asking questions, applying reasoning skills will arrive at conclusions that will provide new and fresh insight
  • Is organized around an open-ended Driving Question. Students will develop the opportunity to develop their higher mind skills.
  • Creates a need to know essential content and skills. Students will have the opportunty to work with content and context in real-life and revelant experiences.
  • Allows some degree of student voice and choice. Student will learn to be responsible when they are asked to make choices based upon their research (independent work) and collaboration.
  • Includes processes for revision and reflection. Students will experience what it means to receive feedback to improve their listening and reasoning skills.
  • Involves a public audience.  Presentation of collective work and research. (material take from

?Chapter 2 Assignment Link

?PowerPoint presentation: Comparison of 20th and 21st century classroom. Camparison 20th and 21st Century.pdf

Helpful PowerPoint: Critical Thinking Thinking.pdf

Chapter PowerPoint Slides for Fall semister