Ms. Cihla

Ms. Cihla's Expectations

My expectations are simple.  I expect you to be on time to class, be prepared for class with all your materials and homework, participate in class by keeping your head up and take notes, and don't disrupt the learning environment for yourself or others.  We will set both educational and performance goals monthly and the expectation is that you will make each month's goal a little more difficult than the last.  It is expected that you challenge yourself.




Bridges grades are broken down into four parts:  Tests, homework, job review folder, and Carnegie Online work.  Tests are worth 40%, homework is worth 20%, job review is worth 20% and Carnegie Online is worth 20%.  Homework is given two to three days a week and will be listed on this website.  There is a link on this page that will take you to the Carnegie Online portion of the curriculum.  It is important that they work on this outside of the school as well.