Safety Resources

Teaching children how to stay safe and protect themselves are essential tasks in today's society.  The following websites will help teach children personal safety skills.

- The above website teaches children the importance of sticking with a buddy.  It is not enough to only tell a child that they should not talk to strangers, because in today's world, many crimes are committed against children by people they do know.  An effective way to teach personal safety is to emphasize the importance of being with a buddy as a means of protection, and as a resource for help if an emergency situation arises.

- Risk Watch is a program designed to teach children personal safety skills.  The above websites are links to the Risk Watch program.  The top link is to the parent page where parents can find resources for talking to children about safety.  The bottom link is to the "Kids Zone."  In the Kids Zone, children can play games online that teach them personal safety skills.