About Me

Christina Ingram

        This is my first year teaching Special Education. I started working at the end of August at Pineville Elementary School in Pineville, KY.  I graduated last December 2016 with a MAED with a major in Special Education with LBD certification from Eastern Kentucky University.  I am currently working on finishing up my certification in moderate to severe disorders.  Being a first year teacher has had many challenges so far, but I really love helping the students to achieve more.

           In regards to technology, I plan to continue to use the smartboard with my students.  Some of my students are visual learners.  They enjoy engaging with the technology.  I plan on using such learning applications such ABCYA.com, Brainpop, Education.com, and others.  Students can also engage in the new learning application at the school, "IREADY" where they can practice on improving their math and reading skills.  I have also used and will continue to use social stories to help my students with behavioral goals.  I also plan in the near future to use video modeling to help students with their social and academic needs.  I plan to start using IPAD learning games for students to improve in their reading and math skills.

         In regards to communicating with parents, I plan to have an open door policy that parents can contact me anytime via email or telphone at the school.  Also, I am establishing a newsletter that I will be sharing with parents including tips and links to various Special Education topics such as Autism and IEPs. 

      My plan for teaching content include using specially designed instruction methods for the best neeeds of my students. Examples include direct instruction, guided practice, and modeling.  I also plan on using other evidenced based practices that I have learned about through my courses such as cooperative learning groups,  echo reading, task anaylis, and others. 

      I have attened several professional development classes so far.  I have been to one about writing IEPs and I have attened two professional development classes about Autism.  I am learning a great deal through my classes at Eastern Kentucky University and through my job experiences so far.  I look foward to keep on learning, growing, and becoming the best teacher that I can be.