First Grade Curriculum

What we are working on in first grade:girlbooks


  • Develop appropriate reading strategies
  • Decode unfamiliar words
  • Understand or are able to figure out meaning of what they read
  • Develop and maintain the motivation to read
  • Understand how speech and sounds are connected
  • Predict what will happen next.
  • Identify characters, setting, problem, and sequence of events.

How Can I help my child at home?

  • Read with your child for 15 – 30 minutes each day.
  • Find a quiet, comfortable spot to read.
  • Read different types of materials.
  • Let your child see you reading.
  • Read aloud to your child and reread favorite stories.
  • Talk about what you and your child read.


  • Number sense 0-99
  • Single digit addition and subtraction
  • Time
  • Non-standard measurement
  • Collect and display data
  • Create and extend patterns
  • Basic geometric shapes
  • Sort and classify objects

How Can I help my child at home?

  • Believing that s/he can successfully learn mathematics
  • Expecting your child to work hard to learn mathematics
  • Sharing how you use mathematics everyday
  • Playing games that make learning fun and important
  • Solving problems together and exploring different ways to solve the same problems
  • Asking your child questions as s/he solves problems
  • Examining why solutions are correct and incorrect
  • Supporting your child as s/he completes homework assignments


  • Communicate in writing
  • Reread their writing to monitor meaning
  • Begin to use feedback to change their writing
  • Revise their writing to add text to the middle
  • Make deliberate choices about the language they use
  • Use proper punctutation and capitalization more often than not

How can I help my child at home?

  • Have your child write in a journal.
  • Have your child tell you a story.  Ask them questions to encourage them to add more detail.
  • Allow them to see how words are spelled through labeling household items.
  • Have your child draw a detailed picture and then tell or write the matching story.
  • Have your child write a letter to a family member.  Ask the family member to write a letter in return.