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Welcome to your study of the Human Body Systems with Mr. Lewis!

Our body has numerous systems that are needed for us to function and live. This website will take you through 4 major systems - digestive, respiratory, circulatory, and excretory. Each of these systems have a unique purpose that we need in order to survive and function. On each tab, you will find both information and resources to assist you in your study of the systems.

The Science Benchmarks we will be focusing on:

Life Sciences 2

b. Students know how blood circulates through the heart chambers, lungs, and body, and how carbon dioxide and oxygen are exchanged in the lungs and tissues.

c. Students know the sequential steps of digestion and the roles of teeth and the mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, and colon in the function of the digestive system. 

d. Students know the role of the kidney in removing cellular waste from blood and converting it into urine, which is stored in the bladder.

g. Students know plant and animal cells break down sugar to obtain energy, a process resulting in carbon dioxide and water.

The Technology Benchmarks we will be focusing on: 

5-1 Use online and electronic resources to communicate, collaborate, and retrieve research and digital media retrieval.

a. Use search engines to locate information using keywords

b. Use ‘find’ function to locate information on a webpage

c. Use equipment for positive and productive functions.

d. Apply the concept, and understand the consequences of plagiarism and copyright infringement.

e. Identify and cite Internet and electronic references in a bibliography.

5-8 Integrate two or more applications

a. Toggle between two or more applications.

b. Copy and paste text, graphics, and/or other media resources from one application to another.