Circulatory System

Human Heart Graphic


The Circulatory System is your transport system of blood. It is made up of vessels and includes the heart, arteries, capillaries, and veins. It controls the flow of blood throughout your body, which is called circulation!

This is how it works...Blood leaves the heart through the left ventricle and goes into the aorta. This is the largest artery in the body. When the blood leaves the aorta it is full of oxygen. This oxygen is now sent to your cells and throughout your body, so it can function and work. This blood is considered "oxygen-rich" as it travels through the system of arteries to supply your body with the oxygen it needs!

On its return trip to the heart, blood passes through a system of veins. Before going back to the heart, it goes through the lungs and carbon dioxide is removed and replaced with more oxygen to begin the process over again! 


Fictional Narrative: Pretend that you are a red blood cell. Tell your story about traveling through the body. What things are you seeing? What did you transport? Where did you go? Be sure to include detailed information about each place that you visit with description of what takes place in each location.

Here is a Map of the Human Heart: 

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