- Every class begins with a journal topic.  Have your journal books out and ready along with your pencil when you get in the classroom.  I do not have a problem with writing in ink for your journal entry.

- Your lack of responsibility is not an excuse.  A calendar is provided in the classroom and on this website. 

- I firmly believe to get respect you must give respect to everyone. 

- I will challenge you to do more than average, challenge yourself.


- Poetry: 50 pts possible

Poems must be no less than 8 lines long and memorized to recite to the class.  The poetry presentation form must be complete filled out and turned in for full credit.  It must be written in complete sentences.The presentation will be graded by a rubric and worth up to 25 pts.  The form will be graded according to content and complete sentences and thoughts and worth up to 25 pts.

 - Current Event Articles: 100 pts possible (graded by rubric)

The current event form must be completed for full credit.  You will present a summary of your chosen article to the class.  Classmates will then write one thing they learned from your presentation about that topic.

- Book Reports: info coming soon  

- AR Points: 25 AR points are required each Nine Weeks

I have broken down the required points into (8) and (9) pts. Having the specified points will be an easy 100% in the grade book.  If you do not have the assigned number of points on the specified due date then you will receive a 0% in the grade book.  Points can carry over from the due dates but not over the nine weeks.

 - Journal Entries: graded every 2 weeks, 10 pts each = 100 pts possible

Journal entries are an easy 100 pts in the grade book.  If you miss a day, you will need to get the missed topic from a classmate or ask me.  Missing a day is not excused from an entry.  Entries should be close to half a page.  You may write in ink in your journals.

 - Terms Tests: 100 pts possible

Terms and their definitions will be given each Monday for you to copy in your terms notebook.  We will keep adding to previous terms.  The test will include current and previous terms.  The test is word for word from the copied definitions.