Liberty Common School - Mrs. Jordan's 6th Grade Class

Common Knowledge, Common Virtues, Common Sense.

Homework Assignments (due next school day unless indicated otherwise)

Friday, September 25th



Literature: Reread Chapters 21-22 Children's Homer
finish part 4 on the Trojan War in your Literature Packet if you didn't complete it in class

History:  Finish Lesson #2 in Deserts Packet if you didn't complete it in class


Writing: Finish your ECO week letter rough draft due on Monday, Sept 28th complete with parent edit and signature


Vocabulary: Memorize this weeks latin roots and words + previous roots and words


Upcoming Tests and Larger Assignments:

Monday, September 28th
ECO week letter rough draft due
Collection of Science packets for completion grade
Spelling Words
This weeks words/Test Friday:
recession, procession, concession, constitution, substitution, institution, reflection, inflection, perspire, inspire, exhibit, inhibit, prohibit, dejection, rejection, projection, persuade, dissuade, presume, consume, dependent, develop

Tuesday, September 29th
NWEA Science Test
Start Literature Part 1, Children's Homer test, 5 essay questions, open book in class
Deserts unit test, turn in completed packet for grade
Weekly Vocabulary Test (last weeks words)
Vocabulary  Week of 9/29 new words + previous roots and words/Test next Tuesday
per: through, anim: mind, tort: twist, sanct: holy, voc: voice, archy: government, bio: life, auto: self, chron: time, dec: ten, adjacent: adjoining, transient: existing briefly, latent: present but inactive, livid: bruised or pale, censure: strong criticism

Wednesday, September 30th
Grammar Test, memorize definition of grammar, 8 parts of speech, 6 parts of sentences, 5 types of phrases, 2 types of clauses, Do 4 part analysis on 5 sentences
grammar definition: a way of thinking about language; 8 parts of speech: noun, pronoun, adjective, verb, adverb, preposition, conjunction, interjection; parts of a sentence: subject, action verb predicate, linking verb predicate, direct object, indirect object, subject complement; types of phrases: prepositional phrase, appositive phrase, gerund, participle, infinitive; types of clauses: independent clause, dependent clause

Thursday, October 1st
Solid Figures unit Math test
Finish Literature Part 1, Children's Homer test, 5 essay questions, open book in class
Book log for August/September due with signature

Friday, October 2nd
NWEA Science Test 2
Weekly Spelling Test

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