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Meet the Teacher

   Meet the Teacher

Hello! My name is Mr. Keene and I am enthusiastic about being a teacher. I have been teaching for more than 22 years and I am looking for ward to teaching many more. Your child’s welfare and education is of the utmost importance to me and I am looking forward to helping you educate your son or daughter. It is my belief that we can work together to make a real difference in your child’s life. I also believe that the education that your child will receive at Pellston Elementary will be tailored to their needs and will help them become better individuals.

I am married to my lovely wife Donna and I have three grown children and four Grandchildren. The only children that I have left at home are my Miniature Australian Shepherd named Toby and his pet cat named Gracie. They both can be a hand full at times.A few of my out of school interests are fishing and camping, playing and singing music, reading, Bible Study, and writing. I truly enjoy investigating how things work and how they are put together; and it is my goal to pass this zest for investigation on to your child. I believe that the joy of live comes out of knowing how it works.

For five years I had the opportunity to work at Mill Creek Historic Parks as an historical interpreter where I ran the water-powered sawmill and demonstrated with axes and a pit saw. I also worked as a camp counselor for one summer and in my early years I worked at science museum down in Lansing, Michigan. One of my more enjoyable summer jobs was working with our summer school program. I am looking forward to hearing about the things that your child has experienced.

Get 2 Months for $5!