Reading University






Reading University encourages the habit of reading high quality literature daily.

Time spent can help parents build stronger relationships with their children, and communicates to  your child, "I value reading".


Requirements per Quarter

Students are graded on daily reading minutes and book reports. This consists of 20 minutes of your child reading to you, not you reading to your child, each night, Monday through Friday (100 minutes per week).

Students must record their reading minutes on the back of their learning plans (l.p.) in order to receive credit for reading. Parents must initial for accuracy of actual minutes read on the l.p.

Two book reports are due per quarter; one in class book report, (in-class reading and in-class writing of report), and one at home book report, (home reading and home writing of report). Rubrics (grading criteria and suggested book choices will be provided to you.)


Due Dates: For full points:

Term 1-October 3-7

Term 2-November 28- December 2

Term 3-February 27-March 2

Term 4-May 7-11

Due Dates: For 15% off total score

Term 1-October 10-14

Term 2-December 5-9

Term 3-March 5-9

Term 4-May 14-18

Any turned after the dates above will receive 0 credit.