L.P.A. Team 2 Grading and Attendance Policies



LPA Team 2 Grading Policies for Groups


Team 2 (grades 3-5) is committed to providing the best and most fair education for your child.  In an effort to do that, each group teacher follows the same grading policy for Reading, Math, and Spelling as homeroom teachers do for Language Arts, History, Science, and Writing.  We have provided our policy below so you know what is expected of our students. Also included are the policies for absent and late work, and codes you will see when you check your child's grades. 

            We hope this information will assist you in helping your children be prepared for class and achieve their best in school.



   Assignments: Due at the beginning of the next math class. Assignment is considered “late” if student has incomplete homework at the beginning of class.

   Corrections: Students who earn less than an 85% on an assignment must make corrections to homework problems missed and turn during their math class or the following math class.

            Students receiving 85% or above may also do corrections.

            Corrections must be done to 100% accuracy.

            Grade will be given by averaging the original score and the 100% on corrected problems.  

   Tests: If students receive less than an 85% on a test, concepts will be retaught, and then the student will be retested.  Grades are capped at an 85% on a retest.



   Assignment/Daily Work: Due at the beginning of the next reading class. Assignment is considered “late” if student has incomplete homework at the beginning of class.

  Tests: Testing will vary depending on group level. 

  Reading Check-outs: Pass on first try- 100% accuracy

                        Pass on second try- 90% accuracy

                        Didn't pass on second try- 70% accuracy



   Assignments/Daily Work- Students must be present for Spelling lessons.  They receive Direct Instruction lessons from their instructors that cannot be made up. If a student misses Spelling lessons, “M” will appear for their grade.

   Tests- If students receive less than an 85% on a test, missed words will be sent home for review, and the student will be retested (usually the following school day).  Grades are capped at an 85% on a retest.



LPA Team 2 Honors Awards

LPA Elementary Grades 3-5

High Honors

Students with all A+ and A’s for the term



Students with A+, A, A-, B+ and B’s for the term


Builders Awards

Each class will choose two students to award as "Builders".  These students should be fine example of students who live above the line and strive for excellence.



 LPA Team 2 Attendance Policy



   Excused: For every day a student is absent, one day will be allowed to make up work, with a cap of 3 days. 

            Examples: 1 day missed, 1 day to make up.

                                    Missed school Monday returned Tuesday, work due Wednesday.

                              3 days missed, 3 days to make up work. 

                                    Missed school Monday returned Thursday,work due following Tuesday.

                              5 days missed, 3 days to make up work.

                                    Missed one week of school (M-F), work due Thursday.

   Unexcused:  Work should be collected before absences and is due upon return.

Late work: After the original due date, learning plans will be marked with a “Missing Work” stamp and students will be given 1 extra day to turn in work with a cap on their grades or 85%.  If work is turned in more than 1 day late, students will receive an “I” on their assignment.


Codes and Data

 “M”- Assignment is missing due to an absence or being unprepared.  Work may be made up.

“I”-Assignment was not turned in by the deadline and may not be made up. An “I” is worth 0 points.

Bonus Points- Students that do corrections will receive their extra points in the “Bonus Point” category.  That way you can see what they actually made on the assignment and the extra points earned.

 Penalty Points- When an assignment is late the points lost will be displayed in the “Penalty Points” category and will be followed with a brief explanation of why those points were lost.

ALL ABSENCES AFFECT YOUR CHILDS ACADEMIC GROWTH.  Each day they will be taught several concepts, many are through Direct Instruction lectures. Missing one day of school can make it very difficult for your child to stay on task.  Please take a look at our school calendar, located on LPA’s homepage, for dates to consider when taking a trip during school time.