Student Supplies

If each student brought these items we will be off to a great start! 
Docket with 7 sections
1 inch binder(color doesnt' matter, this will come home at the end of the year)
1 pack of lined paper (prefer large spaced - not college)
5 dividers for binder
1 Pencil box (large enough to hold pencils, a small pack of crayons, erasers, glue stick and scissors) must fit in student's desk
1 box of #2 pencils
blunt end scissors
 Clorox type cleaning wipes
boxes of tissues
more #2 pencils :) 
medium rubber erasers (not pencil top style)
small tipped Sharpie colored markers
Foray medium point colored pens or Pilot G2 colored pens
dry erase markers
white board spray cleaner
large Sharpie colored markers
Black card stock paper (need both large and normal sizes)
lots of Construction paper
items for large and small treasure boxes
What L.P.A. and I supply
glue sticks
folders for subjects
file folders for dockets