Birthdays and Birthday Procedures

Birthday Procedures


Each student will receive a poster to bring home to decorate about themselves and then return to school on the selected date of their celebration. (Class birthday celebrations will be approximately on each student's birthday.) A note is attached for a parent to complete, telling the class more about your student. A small individually wrapped treat is permitted but not required. If you choose to bring a treat, we have 26 students, one teacher and one instructor :D  Summer students will be assigned a date close to their half birthdays. I call these "unbirthdays".  We celebrate during lunch at 11:30 a.m. Parents are welcome but not expected to come to the birthday celebration for their child. Please be on time. We have a tight schedule. The student will be given approximately 10 minutes to be sung to and share their poster with the class.



Happy Birthdays to:

Alexa Holman 7/16, unbirthday 1/16

Lauren Bell  8/13, unbirthday 2/13

Elle Hoge 9/12

Mrs. Kirkham 9/16

Mrs. Stephenson 9/?

Autumn Tolman 9/26

Halle Hogan 9/30

Esther Broom 10/23

Aaron Broom 10/25

Camryn Waters 10/18

Tiffany Arbon 10/30

Ellie McGregor 11/18

Tyler Aposhian   11/19

Brynli Kuipers 12/2

Logan Daniels 12/3

Eliana Stilson 12/8

Demi Patten 12/31

Elden Kingston 1/13

Alexa Holman 1/16 unbirthday

Bronsen Bender 1/17

Monet Lefler 1/22

Stuart Buttars 1/24

Lauren Bell 2/13 unbirthday

Tyler Gore 3/21

Tyler Rogers 3/13

Tyler Pollan 3/24

Justin Colledge 3/26

Dax Hartvigsen 4/26

James Patten 4/29

Olivia Arbuckle 5/7

Jocelyn Huntress 5/18

Jacob Bennett 6/9, unbirthday last week of school