Mrs. Kirkham's Classroom Management and Procedures

Classroom Management Plan 

Classroom management plan for Mrs. Kirkham

Level of structure: H


School Guidelines:

Legacy Lions live Above the Line

By Showing Respect for All

And Striving for Excellence


8 Keys of Excellence:

  • Integrity
  • Failure leads to Success
  • Speak with Good Purpose
  • This Is It!!
  • Commitment
  • Ownership
  • Flexibility
  • Balance


  • Keep Hands, Feet and Objects to SELF
  • Have Docket and all necessary Materials with You
  • Follow Directions the First time
  • Arrive on Time
  • Be prepared

Teaching Expectations:

  • Teaching students classroom/group rules
  • Teaching students how to handle transitions between groups and subjects

Monitoring Procedures:

  • Back to back/Side to side
  • Proximity
  • Scanning
  • Behavior Tracking Form

Encouragement Procedures:

  1. Class:
  2. Verbal feedback
  3. Marble jar (reward is a class party)
  4. Group activity (such as a game)
  5. Read book out loud to class


  1. Individual:
  2. Verbal feedback
  3. Dot sheet (reward treasure box trip)
  4. Acknowledgements (thumbs up, smile, wink)
  5. Friday candy day (being prepared with LP and homefun)


Home Room Corrective Consequences:

  • Praise neighbor
  • Proximity management
  • Verbal reminder
  • Dot Chart System

Green-Reward for living above the line


Red-Discipline referral form

Group Corrective Consequences:

  • Praise neighbor
  • Proximity management
  • Verbal reminder
  • Note on LP
  • Conference with homeroom Teacher
  • Discipline Referral form

Procedures for Managing Student Work:

  1. Procedures for assigning class work and homework:
    • Lesson number and homework will be written on the whiteboard, daily for each group
    • Large homework assignments will be listed on LPs, our class-page and emailed to parents
    • Test and due date reminders will be listed on LPs and our class-page


  1. Procedures for managing independent work periods:
    • Explain what it looks like, feels like and sounds like
    • Will work 1st task together as a class to make sure students understand assignment
    • CHAMPS reminders
    • RE-teach as needed
    • Keep independent work time reasonable for students to remain seated
    • Will provide additional options for those that finish early


  1. Procedures for collecting completed work:
    • LP and homework requested in the left top corner before every subject
    • Paper collectors are assigned each day and will collect homework to be placed in basket for recording or grading
    • Math group will leave homework to be recycled after recorded


  1. Procedures for keeping records and providing feedback to students:
    • Tracking forms will be used to document participation and returned homework
    • Homeroom students have a file for LPs, uniform tracking and student notes
    • Notes, stickers and encouragement procedures will be used for feedback to students



Classroom Procedures and Expectations


Classroom procedures and expectations from Mrs. Kirkham


Learning Plan


  • Checked each morning for parent signature or notes


  • place LP in front of docket


  • encourage students to fill out LP for each class


  • Parent signatures and minutes marked each night (if minutes are not marked students will not receive full goal points for Reading University)




  • Brought to school everyday


  • Kept tidy by student, parents do not throw something out unless it has been marked by a teacher in someway


  • Manila folder is home folder (please remove student's work and return to school on Monday)


  • Red-reading-spelling/Orange-language arts, Blue-history, Green-science, Yellow-math, Purple –fine arts


Mrs. Kirkham’s Library


  • Return books on due date to either be checked in or rechecked out.


  • Take care of books and use bookmarks


  • Signed agreement returned before library use is allowed


Homework Expectations


  • Monday thru Friday, math and 20 minutes of reading


History, science and language arts will occasionally have homework.  We will list it on the student’s LP.  Homework will be studying for assessments, projects and reports.  You will have notification for due dates and what is expected. 

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