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About Me

My name is Chris Langer-Williamson.  I teach 9th grade English.


I also serve as advisor to the school's drama program and help with school climate, and advisor to the class of 2021.


I am usually available after school for extra help Monday-Thursday.  If you need special arrangements, please set up a meeting so that we can come up with a mutually convenient time. 


Feel free to contact me using the information below.


Mr. Chris Langer-Williamson


Seneca High School 

10770 Wattsburg Road

Erie, PA  16509 


814-824-3400 ex:5589



I grew up just down the road in Harborcreek, having graduated from Harbor Creek High School in 2003.  In high school, I was active in Marching Band and newspaper.  I am also an Eagle Scout.


After graduating high school, I went to college at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania (2008).  After graduating with a BA in English, I kept working in a local grocery store.  I apprenticed as a meat cutter, becoming a Journeyman Meat Cutter.  I have always believed in the importance of learning as much as possible.  


Finally, I decided it was time to go back to school and get my certificate to teach.   I student taught at Pfeiffer-Burleigh in seventh and eighth grade reading and English. Once I obtained my certificate, I subbed for the Iroquois School District on a day-to-day basis for several years.


I have many hobbies.  I love to read, go to Blasco Library, and research my family history as well as local history.  I enjoy fishing and being outdoors at Presque Isle.  Also, I work part time as a meat cutter in a local supermarket.


Being a father is by far the best thing I have ever accomplished.  I have two beautiful sons, Dalton and Everett.  Spending time with them and Lulu is a wonderful experience.

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