Third Grade at SLEMS

SLEMS School Year 2012-2013!!!

Reminder: Students will recieve their yearbooks on Thursday, June 6th and Friday, June 7th dismissal is at 10am.


HOMEWORK: Please note that students will be bringing home all graded assignments and tests.

OPTIONALLY : They will also be given any uncompleted Excel Math Packets to review over the Summer, not mandatory.


Last day of school. Dismissal @ 10am


This week students will be working on the following classwork: Family Life-Lesson 4 

Spelling- Unit 26, Social Studies- Chapter 12 Lesson 1-4 and Test, Math- Chapter 12,

Science- Unit 1 Lesson 4



Monday-Music & Library



Thursday-Art & Science

Friday-P.E.& Spanish


SCHOLASTIC ORDERS: Activation code is HKX6T

Please place all third grade at here

Student Bathrooms are for students only:

All adults may use the restrooms in the Community Center (Gym) located in the middle of campus. The door to the gym will be left unlocked starting 15 minutes before the end of school.


Important Reminder: School Drop Off/Pick Up procedures

We ask that parents drive all the way to the front before dropping off their student at the Safety Patrol crosswalk. Please have your student ready to exit the car quickly. If you need to put the backpack in the trunk then kindly park in the parking lot to assist your student so that you don’t hold up the drive through lane. Parking is limited so my best advice is to plan ahead and be on time.

Pre School families, please park in the parking lot and walk your student into class, following the walkthrough procedures and safety instructions of the personnel on duty.


As some of you already know, like many other schools, we are experiencing issues with lice. In an effort to get a better handle on it we are asking families to be pre-emptive as best they can. Our suggestions:

1. Check your student’s hair every night for nits (small lice eggs that are glued to the hair shaft)

2. If you find even one, keep your child home and begin treatment of your student’s hair and also the house, car, bedding, stuffed animals, animals, etc. Look up Lice on the internet for information on how to do all of this.

3. If we are all diligent we can get this under control and have less disruption in your lives.

Thank you


Welcome to the new Technology information section of Connections. Ever wonder what "digital citizenship" is and how our students are learning about it? Since our society's move to the digital world, it has become more and more important for our students to learn how to behave in the digital world. Simple behavior expectations that we have for them in their interactions with each other in real life are very often forgotten or not applied when dealing with interactions through the Internet. One of the expectations that St. Lawrence has for its students is to keep passwords confidential. Here is a short article for you from Common Sense Media about the importance of keeping passwords safe: