Deaf and HOH Pre-K Curriculum

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Listening, Language & Speech

  • CASLLS  {Cottage Acquisition Scales for Listening, Language and Speech}  Image result for CASLLS
    • Pre-Sentence, Simple Sentence, Complex Sentence
  • The Language Adventure Curriculum & Cobb County SNPK Thematic Units 


  • Vocabulary
    • MacArthur Bates CDI Image result
    • John Tracy vocabulary
    • tiered vocabulary Image result
  • SPICE Image result for SPICE CID



  • Foundations for Literacy {GA State Project}  Image result for GA state foundations for literacy
  • CEI  {Children's Early Intervention Program for Language and Reading} 
  • Braidy  Image result for braidy



  • Hands on Standards {Pre-K Common Core}


Handwriting Without Tears  

Image result for handwriting without tearsImage result for Handwriting Without Tears Wood Pieces Template

  • Get Set for School



  • Journal Writing ~ Developmental Stages of Writing



  • Playful Harmonies


GELDS  {Georgia Early Learning Standards)