Interactive Notebook Pages

This page is so you can keep up with your student's interactive math notebook.  We organize our notebooks everyday during the first 5-10 minutes of class.  There will be at least 2 spiral checks a six weeks.  Please check this regularly to help your child stay on track in math. Please note that if it says "Cornell Notes" these are notes that should be taken by your student outside of class and will be graded. 


Pg. 1-Table of Contents

Pg. 2-Table of Contents

Pg. 3-UPS Check Sheet

Pg. 4-Coordinate Graphing

Pg. 5-Notes: Coordinate Graphing

Pg. 6-Coordnate Graphing Class Work

Pg. 7-Notes: Translations and Reflections

Pg. 8-Class Work: Translations and Reflections

Pg. 9-Homework 1-2

Pg. 10-Fractions, Decimals, and Percents

Pg. 11-Common Fraction, Decimal, and Percent Chart

Pg. 12-Class Work:Comparing and ordering rational numbers

Pg. 13-Homework 1-3

Pg. 14-Notes: Exponents and Square Roots

Pg. 15-Class Work: Exponents and Square Roots

Pg. 16-Homework 1-4

Pg. 17-Notes Rational numbers and absolute value

Pg. 18-Class Work-Rational numbers

Pg. 19-Homework 1-5

Pg. 20-Notes: Scientific Notation

Pg. 21-Scientific Notation Exampls

Pg. 22-Classwork: Scientific Notation

Pg. 23-Homework 1-6

Pg. 24-Homework 1-7: Number Sense

Pg. 25-Notes: Appropriate operations word map

Pg. 26-Which operation is appropriate? Class Practice

Pg. 27-Homework 1-8: 8.2A TAKS Practice

Pg. 28-Notes: Adding and subtracting Fractions

Pg. 29-Adding and Subtracting fractions class practice

Pg. 30-Notes: Multiplying and Dividing fractions

Pg. 31-Multiplying and dividing class practice

Pg. 32-Homework 1-9: Fractions with all operations

Pg. 33-Notes: Decimals with all operations

Pg. 34-Notes: continued

Pg. 35-Homework 1-10: Decimals with all operations

Pg. 36-Notes: Adding Integers

Pg. 37-Adding integers class practice

Pg. 38-Homework 1-11: Adding Integers Homework

Pg. 39-Notes Subtracting Integers

Pg. 40-Subtracting Integers class practice

Pg. 41-Homework 1-12: Subtracting Integers

Pg. 42-Notes: multiplying and dividing integers

Pg. 43-Class practice multiplying and dividing integers

Pg. 44-Homework 1-13: multiplying and dividing integers

Pg. 45-Notes: check for reasonableness

Pg. 46-Class practice-checking for reasonable answers

Pg. 47-Homework 1-14: Test Review for Test 1-2

Pg. 48-Homework 1-15: Number sense 2

Pg. 49-Notes: Approximating irrational square roots

Pg. 50-Class Practice-Approximating irrationals

Pg. 51-Homework 1-16: Approximating Irrationals

Pg. 52-Notes: Pythagorean Theorem

Pg. 53-Class Practice:Juliet Answer Key

Pg. 54-Class Practice:Activity Master: Triangles

Pg. 55-Class Practice:Sorting Triangles

Pg. 56-Homework 1-17: Getting it Right

Pg. 57-Class Practice:Pythagorean Theorem Scavenger Hunt

Pg. 58-Homework 1-18: Independent Practice

Pg. 59-Homework 1-19: Pythagorean Theorem Practice

Pg. 60-Test Review 1-2

Pg. 61-Test Review 2-1

Pg. 62-Homework 2-1: Number Sense 3

Pg. 63-Notes: Rates, Ratios, and Unit Rates

Pg. 64-Class Practice: Rates, Ratios, and Unit Rates

Pg. 65-Homework 2-2: Rates, Ratios, and Unit Rates

Pg. 66-Notes: Setting up proportions

Pg. 67-Class Practice:Setting up proportion stations

Pg. 68-Homework 2-3: Setting up Proportions

Pg. 69-Homework 2-4: Setting up Proportions

Pg. 70-Notes: Proportions

Pg. 71-Notes: Proportions

Pg. 72-Notes: Proportions

Pg. 73-Homework 2-5: Proportions Practice

Pg. 74-Homework 2-6: Proportions

Pg. 75-Class Practice: Proportions

Pg. 76-Notes: Percent Proporions

Pg. 77-Class Practice: Percent Proportions

Pg. 78-Homework 2-7: Percent Proportions

Pg. 79-Class Practice: Inch by Inch

Pg. 80-Homework 2-8: Proportional vs. Non-proportional

Pg. 81-Class Practice: Proportional vs. Non-proportional

Pg. 82-Homework 2-9: Proportional vs. Non-proportional

Pg. 83-Unit 2 Test Review

Pg. 84-Homework 2-10: Number Sense

Pg. 85-Notes: Modeling and Identifying Sequences

Pg. 86-Class practice: Evaluating sequences to find the next term

Pg 87-Homework 2-11:Evaluating Sequences

Pg. 88-Class Practice: Evaluating Sequences Candy Bars for sale

Pg. 89-Homework 2-12: Evaluating Sequences 2

Pg. 90-Notes: Generating an expression from a sequence

Pg. 91-Notes: Identifying Patterns #2

Pg. 92-Homework 2-13: Generating expressions from a sequence

Pg. 93-Class practice: Generating an expression from a sequence

Pg. 94-Class practice: Generating an expression from a sequence

Pg. 95-Class Practice: Real world applications

Pg 96-Homework 2-15: Fast Food Workout

Pg. 97-Class Practice: Independent Practice

Pg. 98-Homework 2-16: Determining the rule

Pg. 99-Class Practice: Scavenger Hunt

Pg. 100-Homework 2-17: 2-4 pg. 90

Pg. 101-Class Practice: Equation Match

Pg. 102-Homework 2-18: What's the cost?

Pg. 103-Class Practice: Questions 4-12

Pg. 104- Homework 2-19: Questions 1-3

Pg. 105-Class Practice: Scatterplot Match

Pg. 106-Homework 2-20: Scatterplots

Pg. 107-Notes: Scatterplots

Pg. 108-Test 3-1 Review

Pg. 109-Homework 3-1: Number Sense

Pg. 110-Notes: Percent Proportions

Pg. 111-Class Practice: Percent Proportions

Pg. 112-Homework 3-2: Percent Proportions

Pg. 113-Round Robin Page

Pg. 114-Homework 3-3: Unit 2 Lesson 2

Pg. 115-Notes: Percents

Pg. 116-Notes: Percents

Pg. 117-Class Practice: Percents

Pg. 118-Homework 3-4: Bargin Shopper

Pg. 119-STAAR Formula Chart

Pg. 120-Notes: Area of Composite Figures

Pg. 121-Review of Area and Perimeter

Pg. 122-Class Practice: Composite Figures

Pg. 123-Homework 3-5: Comosite Figures

Pg. 124- Class Practice: Composite Figures Homework

Pg. 125-Homework 3-6: Independence Day Parade

Pg. 126-Notes: Surface Area with nets

Pg. 127-Notes: Surface Area with nets continued

Pg. 128-Class Practice: Surface Area with nets

Pg. 129-Homework 3-7: Using nets to find surface area

Pg. 130-Notes: Surface area with formulas-prisms

Pg. 131-Notes: Surface area with formulas-pyramids

Pg. 132-Class Practice: Surface area of prisms and pyramids

Pg. 133-Homework 3-8: Surface area of prisms and pyramids

Pg. 134-Notes: Surface area using formulas-cylinders

Pg. 135-Homework 3-9: Surface area of cylinders

Pg. 136-Working with formulas

Pg. 137-Application problems with surface area

Pg. 138-What Happened to Zelda after she swallowed...

Pg. 139-Class Practice: Method Madness

Pg. 140-Homework 3-10: Unit 8 Lesson 1 #1-3

Pg. 141-Class Practice: Formula Hunt

Pg. 142-Homework 3-11: Unit 8 Lesson 1 #4-6

Pg. 143-Class Practice: Traveling Around

Pg. 144-Unit 7 Test Review

Pg. 145-Cornell Notes: Volume

Pg. 146-Unit 8 Volume table

Pg. 147-Homework 4-1: Volume of Prisms and Cylinders

Pg. 148-Homework 4-2: Volume of Cones, Pyramids, and Spheres

Pg. 149-Scavenger Hunt answer sheet

Pg. 150-What are the dimensions?

Pg. 151-Doubling and Halving three dimensions

Pg. 152-Math with Pizzazz: Volume Practice

Pg. 153-Volume Review(I still have this)

Pg. 154-Unit 9 Lesson 1 Packet

Pg. 155-Notes Similar Figures

Pg. 156-Centimeter Grid Paper and instructions for the 4 rectangles

Pg. 157-Unit 3 Lesson 1: Are they similar

Pg. 158-Homework 4-5: Generating Similar Figures 2

Pg. 159-Homework 4-6: Generating Similar Figures 3

Pg. 160-Notes: Dilations

Pg. 161-Homework 4-7: Dilations

Pg. 162-Unit 5 Lesson 2 pg. 112

Pg. 163-Unit 5 Lesson 2 pg. 114

Pg. 164-Cornell Notes: Measurements with shadows

Pg. 165-Indirect Measurement Activity Sheet

Pg. 166-Homework 4-8: Proportionality with Indirect Measurement (Due 2-9-12)