About Ms. Alam

Nusra Alam                

Parents, Guardians, and Families. I am Nusra Alam, your child’s 4th grade teacher at Park View Middle School. I am starting my third year of teaching.  I earned my B.A. in Elementary Education with emphasis’ in Social Science and Science from Benedictine University (2009). I have continued my training by completing course work at Benedictine University to earn my M.A. in Education.                   

I would not be here if I didn’t have a love for teaching and a love for our future generations!  I believe that these young adults possess as much potential as they do energy. I hope that, with your help, their potential will be tapped and their energy will be directed into lives of success and achievement. Feel free to visit our class anytime to help with those goals and to observe your children in seminar.                 

And now for some special needs for my class:               

In addition to the school supply list that was given out at the beginning of the year, please see that your child brings pens, spiral notebook, and filler paper. Also, I remind you that Park View requires each student to carry and use their daily assignment book, which was provided at registration.                  

 I am looking forward to working with you and your student this year. Thank you for your support. Again, I urge each and every one of you to, not only visit, but join us in the classroom and mentor our fine students. I may be reached at 630-123-4567 or via email: alam@school.edu.   

Also, make sure to keep our classroom web-paged bookmarked, as it is updated weekly.  Keep on the look-out for information on the students’ assignments and activities.  http://www.educatorpages.com/Page.aspx?p=9230.  Go Panthers!