Welcome Newsletter


Welcome to 2nd Grade!

PS/MS 95

Bronx, NY

Summer 2009

Volume 1, Issue 1

Miss Foley’s Classroom Newsletter  


Our Classroom’s Location


I am so excited that you will be in my Second Grade class next school year.                                     

We will be doing so many special and exciting things!Our day is full of many different areas of study – Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies, and Writing.  Each day your child will have a different Special - Art, Drama, Health, or Physical Education.  A schedule will be sent home in September informing you of what Specials your child has and its designated day.


Our classroom in located in The Van Cortlandt Annex at 3880 Sedgwick Avenue.  The classrooms are located on the 3rd floor and the cafeteria, where you will be eating breakfast and lunch, is located on the 2nd floor.  Every morning you will get dropped off in front of our building (where the double red doors are, to the right of the Chinese Restaurant).  You will go through the double red doors and walk up the stairs to the second floor.  You will eat breakfast in the cafeteria every morning.  I will then pick you up at 8:30am.If you take the bus or if you are a walker, you will be dismissed from the double red doors.  Parents, if you are picking up your child at the end of the day, please wait outside of the double red doors for us.  Thank you!