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This is our class 3-302 website! 

On here you will be able to learn more about myself, our class, our curriculum and any fun events coming up with our school and class. If you have any questions you can reach out to me through ClassDojo. If you are not ocnnected to ClassDojo, please let me know so I can send you a code to connect to our class. 

You can also stay conected with what is happenig in our class through the following pages: 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Class3302
Blog: https://wordpress.com/view/learnwithclass302.wordpress.com

Here is a break down of our curriculum for the year! 


September-October ---- How children access books around the world!

November-February ---- In depth research all about frogs!

March-April --- Focus on literary Classic Peter Pan 

May-June --- Study of the Water Cycle 


Chapter 1 ------ Addition/subtraction, rounding 

Chapter 2 ------ Data & graphs 

Chapters 3-5 ----- Multiplication 

Chapters 6-7 ------ Division 

Chapters 8-9 ----- Fractions 

Chapter 10 ----- Volume, liquid, mass & elapsed time 

Chapter 11 ----- Area & Perimeter

Chapter 12 ------ Geometry 


Social Studies 

September ---- What is culture? 

October-November ---- China

December ---- Holidays around the world

January-February ---- Egypt 

March-April --- Peru 

May-June ---- Mexico 



Every night students will recieve homework that is relatively similar.

It will consists of reading from their independent book baggies for 30 minutes and then responding to a question from the reading menu. Students are encouraged to answer a different qustion every night. Whenever students have finished reading through all of the books in their book baggie they should let us know so that we can desigante a time in the day for them to book shop for new books in our classroom library. It is important that students are reading books on their level in order to improve their reading. They should always start with books on their level and then move to books for fun that may be below their levels. 

Students will also have math homework every night. This is usualy a math sheet related to the information learned about on that day. 

Every now and then, there will a project for a variety of subjects, in particular social studies. In addition, homework packets will be sent home whenever there is a vacation time. 

If you have any questions, please let me know. 


Here are some great websites you can have your child go on at home to explore and learn more! 











Thank you for all that you do!

Ms. Gomez heart