Spelling Points

Spelling Points System

You must receive 10 points by Friday morning.

 Activities worth 5 points:
  1. Silly Sentences - Use all your word in the ten sentences.
  2. Parts of speech – write each word and then look the words up in the dictionary and list the parts of speech the word could be used as.
  3. Antonyms – Write each word and write two antonyms for each spelling word.
  4. Story – Write a short story using all of your words.
 Activities worth 4 points:
  1. Synonyms – For each spelling word find two synonyms. 
  2. Backwards Words – Write your words forwards, then backwards.
  3. Pyramid Words – Write your words adding or subtracting one letter at a time.  The result will be a pyramid shape of words.
  4. X Words – Write two words having one common letter so they criss- cross.
 Activities worth 3 points:
  1. Word Find
  2. Write each word 2 times
  3. Partner Work – Study with a classmate for 10 minutes.
  4. Dictionary work – look up each word in the dictionary, write down the page the word is on and the guide words that are at the top of the page.