Ms. Lawson's Kindergarten Classroom

Dear Parents,

                      Welcome to  a new school year. My name is Ms. Lawson, I will be your child's Kindergarten teacher this year. Each month you will receive a newsletter regarding the topics and other important information you will need to know for the month. Also, these newsletters will be posted on the classroom website. In addition this website will be used to post homework assignments and projects, and pictures of classroom goings on. Below is September's newslatter.



 Classroom Newsletter


This Month’s Theme

For the month of September we have two themes: “Back to School” and “All About Me”. During this month you child will be introduced to the classroom rules and routines and will be introducing him or herself to his or her classmates. During our “Back To School” theme, your child will be learning about how to get along with others and how to conduct themselves in the classroom. Then, during our “All About Me Theme” we will be reading stories and doing activities that will allow your child to express who they are and learn about their classmates.

Reminder to Parents


  • Please be sure to return any forms that you received (blue cards, medical forms, lunch forms, etc.)
  • Please make sure that you put your childs spare clothes in a zip lock plastic bag.
  • Please be sure that your child brings in all their supplies no later than the second week of school if possible.


  • Home work assingments will be posted weekly on the webiste under the HOMEWORK tab.
  •  Please have your child practice writing their first and last name in a black and white marble notebook. The notebook will be collected every Friday. This is ongoing to the end of the school year.
  • Please have your child bring in baby pictures and pictures of them with other family members by September22.




Kids Going Back To School