Best Cordless Handheld Vacuum for Pet Hair Reviews

There is no doubt most of our love our pet with our life. But they also happen to leave a lot of hair everywhere they move. They might even drop food pellets whenever they eat. For example, a typical cat is known to shed 75000 hairs in a single day! Also, they drag all sorts of dirt and grass with them inside after playing outside. So as we need to clean up everywhere from under the furniture to stairs. It becomes hectic and next to impossible to keep up with this.

Here is where cordless handheld vacuums come into play. They can be an excellent help for dealing with pet hairs. They vacuums are capable of cleaning and removing pet hair even from the hardest to reach surfaces. So let’s know about the best cordless handheld vacuum for pet hair and how to pick one or a few for your house as well. The article is compiled from the smartcleanguide project

Top 7 Best Cordless Handheld Vacuum for Pet Hair

1. Dyson V7 Trigger Handheld Vacuum

The Dyson V7 Trigger is one of the most versatile cordless handheld vacuum for pet hair. It is designed not only for cleaning around the home but can be used for cleaning your car as well. It is proved capable of taking out virtually all of the pet’s hair in just one pass. Easy to use, and it does a great job of picking up the dust and large debris from our tile floors and carpet.


Mini motorized tool and power modes

The V7 trigger provides you a combination of 6 powerful motorized and non-motorized tools. They are operated on two different power modes the vacuum: Low and Maximum. The mini motorized tool provides an extra cleaning power to get rid of the pet hairs quickly.

Excellent power backup

The Lithium-Ion battery that comes with it has quite a long running time of 30 minutes.  Charge it once, and you are set for a powerful vacuum and cleaning up to 30 minutes.


  • Powerful suction and mini motorized brush make this an excellent vacuum for cleaning.
  • With fade-free lithium-ion batteries, suction starts strong and stays strong.
  • It is portable, lightweight, and easy to operate.
  • It features a unique two-tier cyclone system. Dyson  V7 can collect way smaller particles and dust than any other handheld vacuum for pet hair.


  • A little bit pricy but it features worth of it.

Insider Tips/verdict

Its unique and powerful motor design is excellent for cleaning cat and dog hair from any corner of your house. So if you’re looking for a portable and versatile vacuum cleaner, then it is one of the best cordless handheld vacuums for pet hair

2. Black+Decker Lithium Pivot Vacuum

The Black & Decker Lithium Pivot handheld is an excellent vacuum with innovative design and advanced feature. It consists of a very unique nozzle. That makes it very useful for quickly cleaning up all the hairs your pet has shed around the day with ease. If there is lots of dirt and dust in your house, it can help you with this well.

Lightweight Design with a Pivot nozzle

Its innovative nozzle is already patented due to its unique pivot design. It allows for cleaning up dirt anywhere that’s high or down and even in tightest of the place. It is designed very lightweight for carrying easily.

Powerful suction capability

Black+Decker Lithium Pivot Vacuum has a stronger suction power due to its lithium-ion battery and it has a longer lifespan. It can give you much stronger suction and fade-free power.

Crevice Tool and Brush can help to clean anything.

The 20V MAX* Lithium Pivot comes with an onboard crevice tool and brush. It enables you to tackle any mess like large debris, small hairs even from the tight spaces.


  • Innovative, patented nozzle pivots allow cleaning up any dirt and debris from large to tiny.
  • it weighs less than 4 pounds
  • the battery can last up to 20 minutes
  • very easy to clean up the dirt from the chamber


  • The debris catcher and the filter needs a little improvement.

Insider tips

It is handy for those who are looking for innovative and state of the art vacuum cleaner for a quick clean up.

3. Holife 6KPA Hand Vacuum Cleaner

The handheld Ho-life 6KPA Hand Vacuum Cleaner has gained quite a lot of popularity. Its compact size and cord-free design help you to clean up pet hairs very easily. It weighs even a little than three pounds so that makes it easy to carry and use.

Li-Ion Battery and powerful suction

The vacuum is powered by a 14.8 fully rechargeable Li-Ion Battery. The vacuum will operate at least 30 minutes Once it is charged.  All without losing suction power even for once.

Provide excellent suction.

It uses the powerful cyclone technology for cleaning up even the smallest of the particles. The cyclone technology catches dirt and stuff well. That too, without causing any hazards like pulling your socks or underwear.

Washable Filter

There is a cloth inside the compartment filtering system. It is made from washable material so you can reuse it for the life of the machine.


  • You will get a long working time with its lithium-ion battery.
  • Offers a reusable filter system that catches fine and coarse particles
  • It takes only 3 hours to charge fully.
  • Lightweight, and its D shaped handle keeps your hand comfortable while cleaning.


  • You can’t leave it to charge for too long otherwise it may kill the battery

Insider tips

It is a great handheld vacuum cleaner for if you are looking to clean pet hairs from staircases. It also does getting dust from under furniture and hard to reach corners

4. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Cordless Vacuum

The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser cordless is a long tube shape handheld vacuum. It is ideal for picking ups pet hair from anywhere your pet might go for playing. Features a motorized brush tool, a crevice tool and an upholstery tool for cleaning with more versatility.

A versatile combination of powerful tools

The Bissell pet hair eraser uses Crevice tool for cleaning dirt from even the smallest of the holes in your house. There is an upholstery tool for cleaning furniture softly and pet hair tool. It lifts pet hair off of a surface and put into the dust bin.

Ease of use

It also contains a slot for the other cleaning tools to attach for a quick change of the cleaning. Powered by a 14.4-volt NiMH battery, It provides powerful and effortless suction.


  • The Dual-action filtration system helps extend the filters life span for easier cleaning.
  • It offers powerful suction.
  • It has an improved motorized brush roll with its motor for better cleaning.
  • Affordable and lightweight4.


  • This Bissell vacuum takes a while to get fully charged. It would be better if the manufacturer could feature rapid charging technology.

Insider tips

The Bissell pet hair eraser is an excellent budget-friendly option for pet owners. If you are looking for a useful and quick solution for cleaning excessive pet hair in your home this one is worth a try.

5. Shark Pet-Perfect Cordless Bagless Hand Vacuum

The Shark Pet-Perfect II Cordless Bagless is one of the most powerful and best cordless hand vacuum available out there. It is Convenient for cleaning all surfaces and quite versatile. It comes with an effective crevice and brush tool to reach crevices and clean up hair from hard surfaces.

Clog-free cleaning

This vacuum has a cyclonic cleaning system. It works by keeping dirt and hair away without clogging inside the dirt chamber. It helps the vacuum to deliver consistent and strong suction throughout the cleaning process.

Combined tools for a better clean up

It also comes with a True Pet Motorized Pet Brush with an effective crevice and brush tool. Its motorized pet brush is designed to offer high-quality clean up of dirt and pet hair.

Hassle-free maintenance

It comes with a filter and good-sized dirt cup system which is well designed and quite large. It is also very easy to do maintenance.

Ease of use

The wall-mountable charging stand is a great addition for the convenience of storing it. The handle is positioned quite nicely.  So you can maneuver quite comfortably over the carpet and upholstery in your car and home.


  • It contains a motorized brush which is excellent in removing pet hair.
  • The mountable charging stand is helpful for storing it easily.
  • Crevice and brush tool makes it more versatile.
  • Easy to use


  • Long charging time

Insider Tips

The Shark Pet-Perfect Hand Vacuum is a great choice for pet owners who are looking for an affordable cordless handheld vacuum. It can help to deal with removing pet hair efficiently from the stairs.

6. BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster Cordless Vacuum

The BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster is one of the best selling Cordless Vacuum cleaner. All due to its quality, performance, and features. It is a battery-powered, lightweight, and powerful vacuum which help you to deal with your pet hairs with relative ease.

Unique design for a superior clean up

The Dustbuster has a unique pivot design that can pivots up to 200 degrees. It enhances its ability to reach difficult spots, crevices, and all awkward places around your home and vehicle. It also features a flip-up soft brush to help you with dusting. There is an extendable crevice tool as well.

Stronger suction and battery life

The cyclone technology keeps the filter clean.  It cleans up the dust and debris away from the filter retains suction power at its peak. The wide-mouth design also helps you to pick up large trash. It also consists of a washable and reusable filter system. Lithium-Ion powers it for providing a longer battery life


  • It is compact, small and lightweight.
  • Contains versatile tools like a built-in flip-up brush and extendable crevice tool
  • It’s easy to handle to make cleaning process comfortable.


  • Takes a long time to charge fully.

Insider tips

It is a powerful vacuum cleaner.  So are you looking for a great cordless handheld vacuum for pet hair when you need to clean up a little area quickly? It is a so much better than other regular vacuums.

7. Hoover Lithium Bagless Handheld Vacuum

The Hoover Air Cordless handheld is a small, lightweight vacuum cleaner. It comes with a beautiful design. It’s able to get rid of pet hairs from the house very quickly. Combined with its long running time and extra tools makes it one of the best handheld cordless vacuum for pet hair.


Powerful Turbo cleaning

The Hoover air handheld vacuum uses a powerful Turbo Tool that picks up hair from everywhere from furniture to stairs.  It can clean every single corner of your house, as well as the car furniture and stairs very nicely.

Advanced design and battery

It uses versatile tools for cleanup around furniture and stairs, carpets, hard floors with precision. Also, there is an easy rinse filter system, which is reusable. It is powered by an Interchangeable 20V Lithium Life battery system that delivers fade-free power to this cleaner


  • The vacuum has a better battery than its predecessors and lasts longer.
  • Uses a crevice tool for cleaning in the small crannies of furniture.
  • Lightweight design and weighs less than 4 lbs.
  • The filter can be washed and re-used.
  • Powerful Turbo Tool picks up pet hair under and from furniture and stairs.


  • It takes a few hours to get fully charged.

Insider Tips

The Hoover Lithium Bagless Handheld vacuum is an ideal option for those who are looking for deep cleaning. It can clean under the furniture and pet hairs in their cars with ease.

What to look for in a Cordless Handheld Vacuum for Pet Hair

Cordless handheld vacuums are a versatile tool. Their powerful suction is very efficient to remove pet hair wherever the pet shed its hair or plays. Here is how to pick the best one and what features you need to keep in your mind as well.


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Mind the Weight

As you will be holding them in your hand, so it’s better to pick something lightweight. Most of the vacuum featured here weights around 4 to 5 pounds.

Make sure the Crevice tool is included.

It is essential to make sure they include the crevice tool. Because the nozzle can’t reach everywhere and certainly not into very tight places, so making sure a crevice tool is included will prove useful.

Straight Handles aren’t always comfortable.

Straight handles are difficult to use for a long time and not so much useful either as it strains your hand. Always pick a handheld vacuum that has a looped design with a comfortable grip.


It’s better to pick a cordless handheld vacuum that has at least 15 watts of suction power or above.


Make sure it has a long battery life combined with shorter charging time. It will make sure you didn’t waste your money on the wrong item.

Final Words

Cordless handheld vacuum for pet hair can be an ideal solution for keeping your furniture, bed, carpets, car seats, and stairs neat and clean. They are lightweight, sturdy, compact, and easy to use. You will feel more comfortable while using them as well. So make sure to pick the best cordless handheld vacuum for pet hair as we have provided you the ultimate list of them in this guide.