Carpet Cleaning

Looking far and wide for South Africa’s best carpet cleaning company? Look no further as at cleanlab sa we understand that with a 24/7 modern lifestyle households accumulate dirt, bacteria and get worn with no time to spare cleaning. We provide professional services that take care of your cleaning and restoration.

We will do our best to satisfy you with our carpet cleaning kempton park procedures and methods. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the results we will send our professional cleaner back free of charge to ensure you always have a satisfactory result.

At CleanLab SA clean we always strive for carpet cleaning sandton 100% customer satisfaction! Given this is our main goal we will request satisfaction reviews from our valued clients which helps ensure that our work always matches the expected outcomes of future customers.

Our services do not just include general carpet cleaning randburg but also include deodorising and odour removal. In South Africa it is common for households to have pets. Add high traffic and this naturally leads to unwanted smells, spillages and stains.