Clean Seal Stickers - Sanitized and Clean Proof

Clean Seal Stickers - Sanitized and Clean Proof


Cleanliness and security are two perquisites in the hospitality industry, and every customer looks forward to giving their business to a company that ensures both. So, if you are a hotel cleaning company, office cleaning company, car rental agency, car dealership, shipping/ packaging agency, or hotel chain, the clean seal stickers known as ""Verified Clean Seals"" are a must-have for your business.

PICpatch, LLC, a Digital Imaging Security Company, has introduced a wide range of security and clean seal stickers that provides reassurance to customers around the world. The presence of these labels on hotel room doors and ental car doors, or any other door enhances their security and safety value by manifolds. It helps customers gain trust about your company.

The Verified Clean Seals are proof that the company is totally committed to their customers' safety and ensure cleanliness in everything. The clean room door seals can be applied on any smooth surface on a door frame to give your guests a peace of mind from knowing that no one has used the room after it’s cleaned and sanitized.

The PICpatch tamper-evident verified clean labels are designed in a way to ensure that even if the label is partially removed or someone tries to peel off the edges, it alerts the security team about any attempt of encroachment. These labels containing six-digit serialized numbers are tested to work in wet, dry, and salty conditions, in temperature ranging -40 and +120 degrees F.
These non-residue and tamper-evident clean seal stickers change after one use so they cannot be removed and reused again. You may choose from one of the standard security labels or get more creative and order a custom-made seal.

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