Acceptable Technology Use Policy


Acceptable Technology Use Policy

An Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is an important document which governs students’ use of the internet at school and covers a wide range of issues surrounding the rights, responsibilities and privileges – as well as sanctions – connected with computer use.

An AUP can deal with many topics like creating guidelines for the use of internet searches, downloads and browsing.

Other areas which are usually included are thte use of email, phones, tablets, online games and the publishing of the school website.

Educating parents, students and teachers about the internet’s potential as a learning resource is any AUP’s main goal. Defining proper online behavior and the consequences of breaching it, as well as providing schools with legal protection from liability, are also core elements behind a policy’s establishment.

While regulation is important, its use should be balanced by educating students to take a responsible approach.

The education of students is an essential part of the school’s internet safety provision. Children and young people need help and support to recognise and avoid e-safety risks.



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Acceptable Use Policy



Helpful Resources

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