Big Ideas-Essential Questions

Big Ideas

     The “overarching ideas” that give meaning to facts.

         Help us make connections between past lessons, the present lesson, and future lessons

         Can transfer to other topics, fields, and adult life.

         Enduring understandings that help us to make meaningful connections in our learning – as students and as adults.

Essential Questions

         Help students explore the big ideas through inquiry.

         Open-ended questions that have no simple “right” answer.

         Usually “How” and “Why” rather than “What, where, who.”

         Raise other important questions, often across subject boundaries. 

Some sample essential questions

         How can we use design principles to organize ideas?

         Can color (rhythm, words, etc.) affect mood/emotions? How?

         How are visual images infused in our daily life and work?

         Why do certain themes recur in art (literature)?

         How do artists or musicians (or writers) use their tools and techniques to express ideas?

         How do artists or musicians (writers, poets, etc.) get their ideas?