CLIA To Do List

  • The Lesson:  Send lesson plan to your coach at least three weeks before CLIA.  Your lesson will be taught to your team of teachers (5-6) from different arts disciplines.  It should be a simple concept that can be introduced, worked on, concluded and assessed in 45 minutes.

The lesson should include 1 or (no more than) 2, 2010 South Carolina Visual and Performing Arts Standards depending on the lesson.  Each standard stated needs to be reflected in an objective and each objective needs an assessment.  You will need to bring all materials with you for your lesson: instruments, art materials, audio-visual equipment, and extension cords, bring everything.  The point is not what you teach.  It is how you teach.  Your teaching and your lesson’s relevance will be reviewed and discussed by your group and positive suggestions will be given.  You may ask the group for specific feedback at that time.  Your coach will review your lesson before you teach and suggestions will be made.  Please follow the CLIA format for the lesson.  Bring your lesson on disc or on your computer.  If possible bring your computer with you.  CLIA does not have access to computer labs at all campuses.  You will turn in one hard copy and a disc to your coach after you have taught your lesson.

  • GRADUATE CREDIT:  If you wish to enroll for graduate credit (paid for by your grant) you MUST bring a copy of your SC Teaching Certificate with you.  If you do not have a copy go to and go under certification, type in your social security number and a copy of your certificate can be downloaded and printed.  If you do not have your certificate with you will not be able to register.  The professor of record will circulate through the lessons but will rely on documentation given to them by the coach.  The requirements of the course and rubric will be distributed at CLIA. 
  • DORM LIFE:  You will need to bring all creature comforts with you.  Bedding, towels, reading light, light cleaning supplies (to suit your needs), computer, printer, alarm clock and casual clothing.  Just think back to your days in a dorm…you will survive and appreciate your own bed even more!
  • CELL PHONE PROTOCAL:  At CLIA all cell phones are to be turned off or put on vibrate during presentations.  There are many breaks when you can check for messages or you may quietly leave a presentation if you receive a VIBRATING call.  Please respect the presenter and your fellow teachers by not interrupting their presentations with the sound of your cell phone (in various versions of the classics!).
  • CLIA is a unique experience.  You will spend five days with arts teachers and coaches from all over South Carolina.  You will be put into the role of a learner.  You will be asked to participate in demonstration lessons that will include visual art, dance, drama, strings, band and general music.  Come with an open mind, willing to step out of the box we all live in during the school year.  You will make connections to other art forms and teaching styles.  CLIA is a rare opportunity for arts teachers who usually teach in isolation to experience the support of fellow arts teachers and form a network that will ensure that the children of South Carolina will have access to the arts in public schools.