Welcome to CLIA 2014


Welcome to the 20th Annual CLIA


The Curriculum Leadership Institute in the Arts started in 1995 under the leadership of, then Arts in Basic Curriculum director Ray Doughty.  Ray had a visionary idea based on the institutes he studied throughout the United States.  He wanted to give the arts teachers of South Carolina the opportunity to network and learn from each other in order to implement the South Carolina Visual and Performing Arts Framework. He designed CLIA integrating arts pedagogy and arts leadership into a graduate level course.  Ray’s work was continued by Roxanna Albury, the late Deb Hoffman and, now Christine Fisher, ABC director and coordinator of summer arts institutes and R. Scot Hockman, Education Associate for the Visual and Performing Arts, Office of Academic Standards, South Carolina State Department of Education.

This week will continue the CLIA tradition of arts pedagogy by 1) presenting lessons, 2) being coached by CLIA veterans, 3) reflecting on how the arts lessons are designed and taught, 4) study of current brain research on learning in and through the arts, 5) grant writing, and 6) arts advocacy strategy.

Your participation in CLIA is made possible through Arts Curricular Innovation Grant funded through the South Carolina State Legislature.  Grant funding covers room and board and graduate credit. 

Your participation in CLIA demonstrates South Carolina arts educators’ dedication to insure that every child in South Carolina has the opportunity to learn in and through the arts have quality arts education in their schools.

          -Kathe Stanley, out-going and Carrie Power, in-coming CLIA Coordinator