What to bring to SCGSAH




          CLIA @ The Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities   June 2014


         Please keep in mind that you will be housed in the SCGSAH Residence Hall, in dormitory                

         suites and NOT a hotel. Therefore, you will want to bring any and all creature comforts.  

This list is based on the comments shared by teachers who attended the previous summer  

         institutes on campus.


·       Standard twin bed sheets; pillow and pillow case comforter or blanket

·       Towels,  wash cloths, Bath mat

·       Toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc) Kleenex

·       Ice chest (there is an ice machine in dorm), soft drinks or bottled water, snacks

·       Change for vending machines and laundry facilities

·       Alarm clock       

·       Desk lamp and/or floor lamp –There is only one light on wall in room and it is not bright, night light

·       Temp is controlled in room but a small fan can help with air circulation 

·       Luggage cart or strolling cart (for moving in and out) It is a long and winding road from the unloading area to your room so anything with wheels will help…or pack lightly!

·       Band-aids, first aid cream, pain reliever

·       Cell phone (no phones are provided in dorm rooms)

·       Laptop or other computer (a limited number of computers and printers will be available in the dorm)



·        Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included with your registration at the institute with no cost.

·        SCGSAH is a smoke-free campus. There are no designated smoking areas on campus.

·       Alcohol is strictly prohibited.   There are restaurants just a short walk away.

·       Anticipate changes in weather – pack rain gear, umbrella, and sweater or jacket as meeting rooms can be cold.

·        The campus is adjacent to the beautiful Falls Park – pack your walking shoes.

·       All visitors on campus must wear ID badges. These will be provided on the day of arrival.

·       You are responsible for dorm keys must be returned at check out or paid for if lost.

·       The campus offers wireless access, and computer labs will also be open during the week of the institute. For computer access in dorm rooms, bring a network cable (Ethernet cord).  Wireless in the dorm is spotty.  Some floors have it others do not. If you do have it it will go off around 1 am as that is the curfew for the govies (what the students call themselves).