Welcome to Mrs. Cloke's Third Grade

       My name is Julie Cloke and this will be my 17th year of teaching. I have been at Walker - Winter for 14 years and can't say enough about the heart and work ethic of the entire staff. There are amazing things happening in the classrooms here. The entire staff work together with the families in an effort to mold children who are academically successful and have great character. It is an amazing place to work!

     As you will see, I use a lot of hands-on experiences to reinforce the concepts we are learning in class. Students have journals and reflection notebooks they will use for daily lessons, and they will participate in  small group learning stations to apply new strategies and skills they have been learning. Much of what we do will be done in class, but you will see homework on Monday through Thursday. Please check their assignment book and daily folder each day so you can stay up to date with your child's learning.

     Please visit often and use this resource to help you stay up to date with important dates, assignments, and school events.  There are also useful links you can access to help support your child's education at home.

     As always, if you need to contact me regarding your child, please send me an e-mail (clokej@wwcsd.net) or call the office (734-419-2780). I check e-mail messages throughout the day and phone messages at the end of each day after students have already left.