Your third grader will be learning a number of reading strategies this year that will help them become more fluent, understand the vocabulary they encounter, and comprehend what they read.  I will begin each reading lesson by introduding, modeling, or reviewing a particular strategy.  Your child will then be directed to practice this strategy as they rotate to different literacy stations.  As children are rotating to different stations, they will be practicing and reviewing strategies as I meet with small groups of students for more individualized instruction. I will send homework with your child to go along with each strategy so you can help your child as they read at home.

     You are more than welcome to volunteer during our literacy stations! While I am working with small groups, you could be assigned to work at one of the more challenging stations for the day. If you are interested in volunteering your time, send me an e-mail and we will sign you up!

     I have a 4th grader at home so I know how busy your evenings can be, but I am suggesting that you try to set aside 10 - 30 minutes a night for your child to read.  They can read silently, or aloud to you.  It is best if you do a little of both so you can monitor their progress.