Everyday Math

     The program we use to teach math is called Everyday Mathematics.  The lessons are structured so they present a main concept in each chapter while also cycling old material back for review.  Each student will go through two journals by the end of the year.  We will complete most of the lessons in each journal.  Those that don't support the Common Core Curriculum for third grade will be omitted.

     A big part of third grade math is mastering multiplication.  Students were expected to learn how to multiply numbers 0 - 5 in second grade, so we will begin the year by reviewing.  Please help your child study math facts as often as possible.  Practice when you are in the car, making dinner, or trying to wind them down for bedtime.  You can do flashcards, play games ( I will be sending a list of games to play), or go on-line to one of the learning links on this website. You will be seeing math homework at least twice a week. It may be work to help them practice a skill we just learned in class, or review a skill that is challening.

     Math instruction in class will consist of whole group, small group, and math station rotations. If you are intersted in working at one of the math stations for an hour, let me know and we will find a time to get you in!