Mr. Loredo's Class

This website was created by Mr. Loredo to allow parent participation with their children's classroom activies. Announcements and homework can be obtain from this site.

Mr. Loredo's Online Classroom Week One, July 18 through July 24, 2010.


Activities using the letter of the Week

1) Introduce letter of the week, including phonetics.

2) Have students name letters they know that begins with the letter of the week.

3) Present new words beginning with the letter of the week.



Patron or Pattern:    Patron

Activities using Patterns

1) Have students create their own pattern using colored blocks.




Activites using Level Based Reading Assignments

1) Using predictiable text (teacher will assign) students will read with parents at home.




 Go to link below and download assignment sheet and complete with child. *Note to open in new window press Ctrl and click on link.

Book of Red