Class Resources

Looking for a Good Book?

Here are some great places to begin a search for a book to read.....

Mrs. Clymer's Classroom Library - Students need to sign-up for a free Goodreads ​​​online account.  If they have a smartphone can download the phone app. The interface for both the website and application are simple and easy to use.

Great Books for Middle Readers​ - Great books for younger teens and middle schoolers

Laura's Life - This is a wonderful blog written by a 6th grader. She has several great book lists and has reviewed most of the books herself. After reading quite a few of the reviews, I must say that I wish she were in my class!!

Great Books for Boys - Let's face it. Boys read different "stuff" than girls do. This is a pretty extensive list of books that boys might be interested in.​


Short Story


Introduction to the Elements of Fiction (You will need PowerPoint on your computer in order to view this file.)

Genre Buffet

There are two main types of reading material -- fiction and non-fiction.  Both types may be further divided into genres.  A genre is simply a fancy name for a group of books which share style, form, or content.  The chart below provides a brief overview of the genre map. It does not, however, include all of the genres. For example, it is missing poetry, fiction in verse, drama, horror, narrative non-fiction, essay,and speech just to name a few.

Select a genre to view more information.