Academics and Schedule

                   "Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire."
                                                                  -- W. B. Yeats

      I have high expectations for our classroom and will support my students in their discovery of new topics and challenge them to excel. I will encourage them to push their comfort zones and explore what they are capable of. 

Below is some topics that we will be covering throughout the year.


     Introduced to chapter books

     Exposure to different types of books

     Guided readings


     Writing paragraphs around a single topic.

     Using capital letters, periods, and spacing.




     Basic addition, subtraction, division, multiplication

     Counting money

     Patterns in numbers and counting


      Describing weather

      Growing plants

      The four seasons

Social Studies:

       Concept of Community


       Diversity/ Multiculturalism



                8:-8:30= Morning Meeting

                8:30 - 9:30= Reading Centers/ Guided Reading

                9:30 - 10:00= Writing Workshops

                10:00 - 10:15= Snack/Break

                10:15- 11:00= Social Studies/ Science

                11:00- 11:30= Recess

                 11:30- 12:00= Lunch

                 12:00-1:00 = Math

                  1:00- 2:00=Special (Gym, Art, Music, Library)

                  2:00-2:30= Classroom Community Time