Teacher Information

              "Teaching is not a profession; it's a passion"  - unknown                                       

Name: Carrie Ruth Maxian                                                                                                  

Residency: Syracuse, New York                                                                                  

Education:   NYS Regents Diploma Fabius-Pompey High School 2003

                  B.A. in Political Science, Minor in Gender and Women Studies 2007; cum laude, Le Moyne College

                  MST in Childhood Education/ Special Education 2010, Le Moyne College

Teaching Experience:

                  Swim Instructor for 7 years

                  Girls J.V. Soccer coach


                   Practicum in F-M Middle School, Salem Hyde,

                    Student taught in Cazenovia and Donlin Dr., Liverpool


        I believe that an education is more than a means to a good job.  It is the continual process of developing oneself and nurturing our minds.  It is learning new information and then applying that information to real world experiences.  It prepares us to be a citizen of our world and gives us the ability to be an active contributor to society.  We all have different interests, learn in different ways and paces, and have different needs to be on a equal grounds with one another, which makes it essential that we accept, respect, and celebrate our differences.

     Learning is also not a one way street.  Learning is a special relationship between teacher and student, where both persons need to take the responsibilties that those roles entail. It is also the recognition that everyone is both a teacher and a student, and that family and individuality play an influencing role in the  process of growing.  We are all in this together.

Why I became a teacher?

            I come from a family that puts a high value on education and has instilled in me a responsibilty to contribute to society.  I thought that I would enter the non- profit world after I got my undergraduate degree and found that it was to administrative for me.  I was lost and working a job that I did not find valuable, I was looking to go back to school but was not sure for what.  I had taken a break from teaching swimming lessons and had begun doing private lessons, when I realized how much I enjoyed teaching my young students.  I spoke with my mother, who is a teacher, and she got intouch with a colleague who let me shadow her class for a day.  I loved it and took the biggest leap of faith and enrolled at Le Moyne.  To mention this all happened within a matter of 2 months and it was the best decision I have ever made. 

What do think makes a good teacher?

     I believe that a good teacher is an effective teacher.  They create a learning environment that is fun and engaging and is built upon mutual respect.  It is the teacher's responsibility to be a guide for their students.  They support and push their students at the same time, so they may develop to their full potential.    A good teacher sets high but realistic expectations for their students and recognizes that all students do not learn in the same way or at the same pace.

 Do you believe you will be a good teacher?

        Yes I do.  I am so excited to be able to work with the youth that will become our future. I am looking forward to helping them discover new concepts about our world and way the are capable of.

Contact Information:  

              email: cmaxian@education.org

              phone: 315-678-5000  ext: 1010